The Stone Beast's Crown

I've posted a new adventure over on my itch page. The Stone Beast's Crown is a supplement for momatoes' excellent ARC RPG. Your heroes arrive in the walled town of New Bast just in time for the Festival of King Gneiss. When the guest of honor's crown is stolen overnight, the town goes into lock down to recover it. Find the culprit before the beast awakes, or New Bast is doomed!

This is the first full adventure I've published. It was conceived as an entry for Chris Bisette's Random Adventure Jam, starting with a title from his Adventure Title Generator). I struck early on the idea of structuring it as an investigation, but had initially planned to write it for a different system. Two features convinced me to switch to ARC. The first was the Doomsday Clock, which solved the problem of how to exert time as a pressure. The second was the division of conflict counters into Blood and Guts (as opposed to, say, Hit Points). Targeting Guts made sense as a way of measuring progress in the social disputes that form such a big part of the adventure's investigatory procedure.

Because the game in its current form is untested, it's currently pay-what-you-want. If you give it a shot, please circle back to the itch page and leave some feedback.

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